Boutique Manufacturing

It's called by many names: short run, small scale, boutique manufacturing—but no matter what your preferred lingo, we can help. KMD is experienced in bridging the gap between prototyping and mass production, giving us the unique ability assist our clients in building their products so the process can scale. Our 8500 square foot workshop will help get your project off the ground with facilities that support production in wood, metal, plastics, soft goods and customization.

  • It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Studio KMD. They are professional, have exceeded my expectations on project deliverables and continually prove to look out for my company’s best interest. The knowledgeable team at Studio KMD has been integral in bridging the gap between R&D and production and I look forward to further partnering with them as my product line evolves.
    — Becky Connelly
    Marymac Revisions, LLC
  • I worked with KMD for two dimensional benchmarking projects and found them to be very accommodating and helpful during this process. They went above and beyond to create a thorough evaluation and made any edits requested. I very much enjoyed working with KMD.
    — Elle Abbey
  • KMD are a great company to work with and their attitude to problems is always to try and find a suitable and compelling solution, they are very aware of commercial pushes and pulls and always strive to apply logic to any ideas presented.
    — Paul Gibbons
    Hardware Engineer
  • KMD provided a fantastic set of initial design ideas based off of the simple design brief and included multiple suggestions for how to achieve the overall look and feel for the final product offering a number different technologies which were available on the market.
    — Paul Gibbons
    Hardware Engineer